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helloshatteredlove asked: Hi, sorry to bother, but I sent you a prompt earlier, Wincest and piercing-kink, and I was curious. Did you fill it already or answer it? It's okay if you haven't or don't want to, but my computer was screwing up and I wanted to know if the ask sent through, and I also haven't seen it on my dash.


I didn’t get it for some reason. But I am absolutely going to fill it.

It’s starts with one in his ear, just a little stud, but it fascinates Dean. He likes to suck the little ball of metal until it’s warm from his mouth, likes to roll it over his tongue until Sam moans, likes to tug it lightly with his teeth and make Sam buck his hips.

Next it’s a nipple piercing that makes Dean’s mouth go dry before he dives in, sucking and tugging and tormenting Sam’s pierced nipple, tugging it lightly as he jerks Sam’s cock, making Sam come just like that.

And then it’s a tongue piercing. Sam grins at him, sticks out his tongue to show the little ball, and asks Dean to pull down his pants so Sam can show him what’s so special about this one, and Dean can’t get the damn jeans down fast enough, can’t wait to feel that little ball running over his skin.